What we do to help kids?

What we do to help kids?

Mission Bridge Fridays Night Kids Club

Kids learn to play with people from different backgrounds and nationalities, and every week we share stories that educate them on characters and moral values.

Masterpiece Art Class

kids (4-12 years old) in class where they learn to help and love one another and develop their creativity.

UU Karate Class

kids learn discipline, endurance, physical fitness, goals settings, and build friendships with different nationalities. More infoWith the hope of them being developed to become professionals in the future.

Ultimate Choir

where they learn professional singing technique and teamwork, building up self-confident, the value of teamwork.

Masterpiece Dancing Choir

where the kids learn professional dancing skills, performance technique, development of their potentials, increase of their self-worth.

Parenting Group

many kids problem line up with their core family, parenting group is helping the parents to grow, and develop their characters, set a good example for their kids.

Joy of Jesus Football Club

Mainly train the teens who have passion in football, and help them in discipline and seeking their life purpose through leadership development.

Masterpiece Music Group

Training teens who are passionate about music, in skill development and characters building.

Ultimate Badminton Team

an activity that allows family to have quality time as they join the team, build-up the intimacy for the families.

Home visitation

get to know the families in a deeper level, and their background and their needs, in order to give help in a proper way. More infoBuilding stronger relationship with families we are serving.

Monthly Celebrations / Outings

enable families to be together in different outings, broaden their social views and relationships in between the community that they are living in.

Community Projects

Helping them to contribute to their own community. More infoencourage families to give back to their community by doing community projects such as community clean- up

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